julio azcano

julio azcano

Julio Azcano (born 1976) is the new member of the Eos Guitar Quartet.

Julio Azcano is rooted in the guitar tradition of Argentina, where he graduated in classical guitar and has already performed as a young musician with some of the most famous guitarists in the country. In Switzerland, Julio Azcano deepened his improvisation technique with Kurt Rosenwinkel and graduated with a diploma in jazz at the University of Music and Theater in Zurich.


As a soloist and in cross-border dialogue with musicians of various styles and cultures, he plays at international guitar festivals and renowned jazz clubs. In addition to his collaboration with various composers, his musical duo include the Latin Grammy award-winning Quique Sinesi, the violinist Volker Biesenbender, the tango contrabassist Juan Pablo Navarro, the saxophonist Javier Girotto and the jazz guitarist Sid Jacobs. In recent years, his CDs "Ayres" (in the duo with the Baglama player Taylan Arikan) as well as "Nadear" (trio with Günter Wehinger and Claudio players and produced by Swiss Radio DRS2) received excellent reviews.



«Not since Ralph Towner has a guitarist so fully integrated sophisticated jazz improvisation within the framework of the classical guitar. Like Pat Metheny's acoustical work, Azcano creatively uses space and silence to build and enhance his reflective performances. (...) There is a timeless quality to this music, transcending eras or genres that is neither antiquated nor ephemeral. Julio Azcano's Distancias is an alluring union of eclectic compositions and brilliantly executed performances and is highly recommended for all fans of acoustic music.» James Scott. Minor7th, USA  

«Es gibt so traumhafte schöne Stücke- allein das eröffnende Titelstück eignet sich zum Festhören -, dass der aufgeschlossene Gitarrenliebhaber die CD mehrmals hintereinander hören dürfte. Dabei wird er feststellen, dass dieses Album weit seine sensitiven Fühler über den gitarristischen Tellerrand hinausstreckt. So gibt es etliche Momente, die wenigstens auf Ohrhöhe mit dem Klaviersolos eines Keith Jarret sind und manche grossen Hits des Pianisten durchaus übertreffen. Dass Azcano ein Virtuose ist, der souverän über alle Möglichkeiten seines Instruments gebietet, tut zusammen mit der perfekten Produktion ein Übriges, um diese Top-CD nachhaltig zu empfehlen. » Harald Wittig. Akustik Gitarre, Deutschland

" Anyone who has ever experienced live the Argentinean guitarist Julio Azcano, based now in Lucerne, knows his modesty. He does not speak big things - he simply plays what he has to say ... His technique is stupendous, breathtaking - every jazz guitarist is involved Azcano's speed, precision, and lightness must suppress certain feelings"- Silvano Gerosa, Jazz'n'More

«Azcano parte de una "colocación" académica y sabe aplicar recursos y técnica a distintas formas de la música popular con mucha naturalidad, con pinceladas de flamenco o chacarera, de música rioplatense o fingerstyle norteamericano.»  Mauro Apicella, La Nación, Argentina


Julio Azcano

St. Karlistrasse 2

CH- 6004 Luzern

Tel. +41 (0) 41 210 70 66

Email: julioazcano@guitarquartet.ch